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New Essay

Marlowe and the Age of Reason

Marlowe Books and Authors

Review of Donna Murphy's

The Marlowe-Shakespeare Continuum

See Alex Jack's New Book

As You Like It
By Christopher Marlowe

A.D. Wraight: Her Work



Whose Body at Deptford? David More

Getting the Body to Deptford Peter Farey

John Baker’s Essays:

C.F. Tucker Brooke: Marlowe

The Clue In The Shrew
Isabel Gortazar

The Stratford Monument: A Riddle And Its Solution
Peter Farey

Hoffman and the Authorship
Peter Farey

The First Man Proclaims: It Was Marlowe!
Wilbur Gleason Zeigler (1895)

The Second Man Asks: “Was It Marlowe?”
Archie Webster (1923)

Marlowe’s Mighty Line: Was Marlowe Murdered at Twenty-Nine?
Benjamin Wham (1961)

Shake-speare's Sonnets

The Sonnets Written in Exile

Cynthia Morgan
The Profound Abysm of Sonnet 112

Isabel Gortazar interprets the title page of Thomas Thorpe’s edition of Shake-speares Sonnets (1609)


Excerpt from Mike Rubbo’s
Much Ado About Something
Mike Rubbo Interviews John Baker
Mike Rubbo Gets Interviewed
Mike Rubbo: Portrait of a Filmmaker

Ros Barber’s
Did Marlowe Die at Deptford in 1593?
Part I . . . Part II
Visually concise, right before our eyes Ros connects the dots and finds the faked death scenario the most logical.

Wraight Dismantles the Marlowe Myths
1. Violent: The Distorted Image
The Myth of the Bradley Duel
Kyd’s Statements After Being Tortured
The Myth of Corkyn v. Marlowe
(See CM’s article on the recent discovery,
Reconsidering Coryn Versus Marlowe)
2. Homosexuality: Assumption
3. Blasphemous Atheist: Assumption
4. Baines’ Note: Flimsy Credibility

Also see Isabel Gortazar’s essays:
Marlowe’s real views on religion
Marlowe’s Sexuality

Wraight on
Giordano Bruno and Christopher Marlowe

Synopsis of Wraight’s argument for
Marlowe’s Authorship Edward the Third

Wraight on Marlowe’s Authorship of
1 King Henry VI

Wraight on Marlowe’s Authorship of
King Henry VI Parts 2 and 3

Marlowe-Shakespeare Style

If Shakespeare was a pseudonym for Marlowe
we would expect to find these traditional
Scholar’s Quotes: Marlowe/Shakespeare

Alex Jack
Literary Similarities Between Marlowe and Shakespeare

Allison Gaw
The Origin and Development of 1 King Henry VI: In Relation To Shakespeare, Marlowe, Peele, And Greene

A.D. Wraight
A New Play At The Rose
An exploration into how 1 King Henry VI was written for Henslowe’s new theatre.

Arthur Wilson Verity
The Influence of Christopher Marlowe on Shakespere’s Earlier Style: Being the Harness Prize Essay for the Year 1885

Isabel Gortazar
About Hamlet
The play’s relationship to Marlowe and dates of composition.

Amores, translated by Marlowe
(with A.D. Wraight’s comments)

The 1925 Coroner’s Report Discovery
The Death of Christopher Marlowe
About Author Leslie Hotson

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