About C.F. Tucker Brooke

Charles Frederick Tucker Brooke was born in 1883, Morgantown, West Virginia. He died in New Haven, Connecticut in 1946. Brooke was an author, literary scholar, and educator, teaching in Yale University's English Department from 1909-1946. Brooke studied at West Virginia University (A.B. 1901, A.M. 1902), the University of Chicago (1903-1904), and at Oxford University (B.A. 1906, B.Litt. 1907) as a Rhodes Scholar. He published works on English literature and drama, including studies of Marlowe, Shakespeare, and Gager. His works include: The Apocryphal Shakespeare (1908), English Drama 1580-1642 (1933) Tudor Drama: A History of English National Drama to the Retirement of Shakespeare (1911) The Works of Christopher Marlowe (1910), The Authorship of the Second and Third Parts of King Henry VI, Shakespeare's Plutarch, (1909) The Life of Marlowe and the Tragedy of Dido, Queen of Carthage (1930).

J.M. Robertson was born in Scotland around the same time as Brooke. They probably never met each other, yet they both stood apart from the mass of Shakespearen scholars whose work consisted of play interpretation based on the myth of a Stratford Shakespeare.

Brooke's was an objective "scientific" approach to studying the apocryphal plays and the accepted plays of Marlowe and Shakespeare. You will find much of his method in this small volume The Marlowe Canon.



Authentic Works: Dramatic

Edward the Second
The Massacre atParis

Doctor Faustus
The Jew of Malta
Lusts Dominion 'Written by Christofer Marloe, Gent.' 1557 ("probably falsely ascribed")

The First Part of the Contention between York and Lancaster
The True Tragedy of Richard Duke of Yor
The authorship of Henry VI Parts 2 and 3, above, is not specifically discussed in this article.

Authentic Works: Non-Dramatic

Hero and Leander
The Passionate Shepherd to his Love
Lucan's First Book
Ovid's Elegies

Spurious Works

The Troublesome Reign of John King of England
Arden of Feversham
Titus Andronicus
Richard III
The Taming of a Shrew
Edward III
A Larum for London
The Maiden's Holiday
Lust's Dominion

Non-Dramatic Spuria Or Lost Works

Dedication of Watson's Aminta Gaudia
Manwood Epitaph
Infortiunatus Ch M